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The Campus Associates Program

PreMed is Everywhere!

Our Campus Associates; our active and dedicated army of associates.
PreMed has well a thousand Campus Associates; spread all over Pakistan!

The Top Triad

They were the top campus associates for the month of July. PreMed is proud of them. Their voice is our voice!

The Army of Associates

PreMed has over 1000 Campus Associates from all over Pakistan. They are our strength and they are our voice! Kudos to our hard-working associates.

Campus Visits

Being the representatives of their institutes and PreMed, our associates arrange visits of the PreMed team to various schools, colleges, and universities. Our cause is to enlighten the upcoming generations as much as we can!

Break the Mold, Make a Change

Join the PreMed Campus Associates Programme and become part of the revolution to break the shackles of orthodoxy and change the education system of our Pakistan!

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